Pure Coconut Oil 101: Everything You Need To Know And 64 Ways To Use It

Long before globalization, coconut oil used to be a rare commodity that was only available in certain tropical exotic locations around the world. Thanks to the advancement in technology, pure coconut oil is being mass produced today and distributed to all corners of the globe.

Today, pure coconut oil can be seen being sold in bottles, jars, capsules and the like, even in places where people have never seen a coconut or a coconut tree. This is undoubtedly a result of the great demand for unrefined coconut oil in the global market.


A Highly Versatile Product

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and natural products in the world, which is most likely a result of it having a variety of uses. You have coconut oil for hair growth, coconut oil for skin treatment and coconut oil for cooking and consumption, to name a few.

The coconut is modified to produce coconut oil pills, coconut oil in a tub or coconut oil capsules. Needless to say, a number of health benefits can be derived from these coconut oil supplements. Nowadays, you can even also come across shampoos (coconut oil shampoos) or hair products where coconut oil is the main ingredient.

Is Pure Coconut Oil Better?

Since there is such a huge diversity of coconut oil products in the market, it becomes quite difficult for people to get their hands on the ones which produce the best results for their health, hair or body. In other words, it is quite difficult to avail high quality pure coconut oil in stores today.

There are plenty of products that are made with impure coconut oil or refined coconut oil. Although a lot of people do not see a problem in using refined or impure coconut oil, there is no denying the fact that uncontaminated coconut oil is a far superior product.

Top 64 Reasons to Use Pure Coconut Oil



If you have never used pure coconut oil before, then it is about time that you start doing so. Unadulterated coconut oil products can benefit your body in a number of ways, including improving your hair and digestive health.

You might have to do a little bit of research when seeking to find out which is the best coconut oil for you. Once you get your hands on the right product however, you will never revert back to the synthetic commercial kind. Here are the top 30 reasons why you should make coconut oil an important part of your life:

1) As Natural As It Gets

The best thing about pure coconut oil is that it is 100% natural. In an age where consumers are being oversupplied with artificial and synthetic products, coconut oil is a definite breath of fresh air when it comes to the bodycare and healthy living products industry.

Ideally, coconut oil is free from herbal extracts and synthetic flavours, medicines, colours and other chemical additives. The oil should neither be bleached or deodorized. Unrefined coconut oil is considered to be a form of pure coconut oil.

2) Packed with Nutrients


coconut oil capsules

Since coconut oil does not undergo a plethora of chemical treatments, the nutrients in the oil are more or less kept intact. When a series of chemical treatments are applied to coconut oil, the nutrients are lost. In the absence of key nutrients such as protein, coconut oil loses its effectiveness. The vitamin, antioxidant and protein content in pure coconut oil is much higher.

3) Hygienic

A lot of people have concerns over the hygiene of pure coconut oil. It is worth noting that the refined version of oil is far more hygienic than the unrefined version. However as long as you are buying your coconut oil product from a trusted or reputed manufacturer such as Parachute Coconut Oil, then you will be fine.You may also be surprised to know that several synthetic oils are far less hygienic even the unrefined versions of coconut oil.

4) Refreshing Flavour

If you are buying pure coconut oil from a well known vendor, you can expect to have a product which is made with fresh coconuts. The secret behind coconut oil’s incredible ability to improve human health lies in the freshness of its ingredients.

This is something that you will not get with synthetic or artificial products, regardless of how much advanced technology was incorporated in its production. Since pure coconut oil is not deodorized, it exudes the blissful scent of refreshing tropical coconuts.

5) Prevents Hair Breakage

Using coconut oil for hair growth is a very wise option, since it augments hair growth in a number of ways. One of the main ways in which it does this is by preventing the breakage of hair. The fatty acids that are present in refined coconut oil work well with the natural hair proteins in order to prevent breakage. The lauric acid in particular plays an important role in improving the condition of your hair.

6) Moisturizes Hair


coconut oil hair

If you are looking for the best coconut oil for hair, you should look for a product that really moisturizes. This is because coconut oil has an impeccable ability to keep your hair soft, moistened and glistening for long periods of time.

Coconut oil penetrates the hair follicles and moisturizes the hair from the inside. Moisturized hair stays better protected from environmental damage and keeps your scalp healthy.

7) Antibacterial Reaction

Both your hair and scalp can be home to bacteria. If you want your hair to be in great condition, you need to get rid of the bacteria as quickly as possible. One of the simplest ways of doing that is by applying coconut oil to your hair.

This wonderful gift from Mother Nature contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties. As a result, your hair stays free from dandruff and lice, both of which can stunt hair growth significantly.

8) Improves Blood Circulation

Your body stays healthier when blood circulation is slightly increased. Now in order to make this happen, you do not always have to lace up your sneakers and go for a jog in the park. Sometimes, all it takes is massaging your head with coconut oil.

The blood circulation in your scalp will be increased considerably, which will improve hair growth to a great extent. Massaging your hair and scalp with coconut oil also channels more oxygen and nutrients towards your hair follicles.

9) Non-Toxic Bug Repellent


coconut oil Bug Repellent

Most commercial bug sprays contain some form of toxic chemicals, including DEET. Since the skin is just another organ, if chemicals and substances are placed on it – they will be absorbed. Yes, this means that certain chemicals can literally get under your skin, just by you spraying certain commercial products in the air. DEET is known to cause headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and weakness. These results were found in a Duke University study.

This is were coconut oil comes in, as all you need to do is utilize its strengths and use it to create your very own bug spray. There are many recipes you can choose from in order to create it. One of the most popular recipes is 8 drops of lemongrass essential oil added into a bottle that is already half filled with coconut oil. In fact applying natural coconut oil to the skin to ward off bugs has been done for over 100’s of years in tropical climates.

10) Base for Hair Colouring

This is something that you were probably unaware of – coconut oil works as a fantastic medium for mixing your all natural hair colouring. This has to do with the fact that coconut hair oil can easily penetrate the hair.

In fact, it can reach the deep ends of the hair much faster than any other oil. Using coconut hair oil as a base for hair colouring causes your hair colour to appear more vibrant and lustrous. It also prevents the colour from fading away too early.

11) Helps Manage Cholesterol

For a long time, it was believed that all saturated fats are bad for you and that saturated fats are one of the main reasons why people wind up with fatal heart diseases. Coconut oil, unlike other unhealthy saturated fats, can actually lower the risk of heart disease. It does so by increasing HDL and lowering LDL levels. The consumption of coconut oil on a regular basis is also known to improve blood coagulation.

12) Sun Damage Protection

Are you reluctant to enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine out of fear that your hair will be damaged by the sunlight? Then it is time for you to start using coconut hair oil, since it offers the best natural defence against sun damage.

You can think of it as an all natural sunscreen which will have no negative side effects on your skin or scalp. If you are the kind of person who has to head outdoors early in the day, make sure that you have a film of coconut hair oil protecting your precious hair.

13) Coconut oil in Coffee and Tea


Coconut oil in Coffee and Tea

Coconut oil in coffee and tea tastes delicious. So whichever hot drink you prefer – adding coconut oil to it will give you an easy way of incorporating all of its health benefits into your lifestyle. Not only will it make your coffee sweeter, it will also give you a nice boost of energy, as remember, it is sent straight to the liver. You can even carry some around with you in a class bottle or jar if you will be on the go, and then add it to your hot beverage.

14) Great Skin Moisturizer

Coconut oil does not only moisturize the hair. It can do a great deal for the skin as well. There are certain products in the market, such LouAna Coconut Oil which is perfect for your skin. LouAna Coconut Oil can be applied on the face and other parts of the body as well. When gently smeared over the face, LouAna Coconut Oil makes your face feel soft and smooth. What is the point of putting chemicals on your face anyway? They will not make your skin healthier.

15) Multipurpose Oil


Coconut oil shampoo

As mentioned before, coconut oil is a highly versatile commodity. However, most coconut oil products are advertised as hair care products. There are very few coconut oil products which are promoted as multipurpose oils.

Among them, KTC Coconut Oil stands out. KTC Coconut Oil may not be the best coconut oil for hair, but it is a wonderful product that will serve you in a multitude of ways. The oil can be applied on your hair, used for cooking and even massaged on your body.

16) Great Vegan Shampoo


Parachute Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil can be used to make great shampoo. Coconut oil shampoo is a product that has a great demand in consumer societies all around the world. This is an important alternative as people have grown sick and tired of ineffective synthetic shampoos.

They end up doing very little, to improve the overall health of their hair. A lot of people are switching over to coconut oil shampoo as it offers better nourishment for dry and flaky hair. Vegans in particular, have a need for coconut oil shampoo.

17) Comes in Pills or Capsules

If you are not a fan of bottle coconut oil, then you can always try out coconut oil pills or coconut oil capsules. Coconut oil capsules can improve human health in a number of different ways.

To begin with, coconut oil pills contain antioxidant properties which eliminate dangerous free radicals from the body. They also prevent high blood pressure, offer pain and fever relief and help with weight loss.

18) Helps Diabetics

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she is required to make a number of lifestyle changes in order to normalize fluctuating blood sugar levels. One of these changes can be switching over to coconut oil. A daily serving of coconut oil allows diabetics to make better use of insulin. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

19) Speeds Up Hair Growth

Using coconut oil for hair growth will be something that you will not regret as long as you get your hands on the best coconut oil for hair. It is a much better option than using synthetic oils, mainly because how efficient the nutrients in coconut oil are.

If you use coconut hair oil on a regular basis, your hair will grow longer and thicker in a very short space of time. The vitamins and the fatty acids in particular provide great nourishment to the scalp and prevent the build up of sebum.

20) A Great Source of Energy

Ktc coconut oil

It is natural for people to feel more tired and exhausted as they grow older with age. If you are looking for a natural energy boost, then look no further than coconut oil. If you consume a small amount of coconut oil (about two tablespoons) every single day, your energy levels will increase by a full five percent within twenty-four hours. Instead of being stored as fat, coconut oil is sent directly to the liver where it is rapidly converted into energy.

21) Coconut Oil Make Up Remover

Coconut Oil Make Up Remover

Leaving make up on any longer than needed will cause your pores to clog up. Coconut oil is an excellent way to remove make up, at any time of the day. In fact it is very effective and far more gentle than most ready made beauty make up removers available today.

By using it to remove your makeup, you will be not only giving your skin the option to breathe, it will also be getting lots of moisture. Top Tip: remove your eye makeup first with a soft towel and then steam your pores afterwards.

22) Daily Detangler

If you have long hair, then tangled hair must be the most despicable sight in your eyes. Everybody hates to struggle with tangled hair. This is exacty where coconut oil can offer some much needed assistance.

If you use coconut hair oil on a daily basis, you will find it much easier to keep your hair from being tangled. Even if it does become tangled, simply apply the oil to soften and detangle it.

23) Coconut Oil Massage


Coconut Oil Massage

Since the benefits of coconut oil have been known for such a long time, it should be of no surprise that it has been incorporated into many peoples lives as much as possible, right down to using the oil to give amazing massages. This is important as massages have their own health benefits.

A few of them are stress relief, can help with depression and is known to increase blood circulation. The oil also has Vitamin E in it, which means when a person massages it onto their skin, they will not only be nourishing it but also giving their skin the opportunity to be smoother and softer. You should definitely consider having a coconut oil massage so that you can feel more at peace.

24) Earwax Removal

Coconut oil is an anti-microbial agent and, therefore, can be used to minimize the risk of you getting an ear infection. This is done by killing different types of microorganisms that typically occur when there is a build up of earwax. In order to begin the earwax removal process, you need two things – coconut oil and a dropper.

To carry out the process the coconut oil will need to be liquid as the dropper will suck the liquid up. After you have done this, tilt your head to the side and out a few drops onto your ear, and then wait for 5-10 minutes or whatever time you are most comfortable with. Then tilt your head to the other side to let the oil drain out, and finish off by rinsing out your ear with warm water and then drying it with a towel.

25) Feet Moisturiser

Do you have hard and rough skin on your feet and want to heal and repair it, but do not want to go down the commercial product route? Then coconut oil is for you. It completely hydrates the skin on the feet, especially when left on over night.

Make sure you wash your feet and apply a lot of oil on them, and then put on socks for the night while you sleep so that your feet has the best chance possible of soaking up all of the oil. You will wake up to smoother, healthier and happy feet.

26) Face Exfoliator


coconut oil and sea salt scrub

It is very important to exfoliate the skin and especially the face. This is because if a person does not exfoliate, old skin cells will begin to pile up, and as a result leave the skin looking dull and may even cause acne to develop. Obviously a DYI face scrub would be the best option to choose.

One that contains coconut oil and epsom salts would be amazing for anyones skin, however especially those with dry areas. All you need to do is mix two tablespoons to every three tablespoons of epsom salts together. Remember, epsom salts have their own special qualities, such as its anti-inflammatory properties.

27) Parachute Coconut Oil

Parachute Coconut Oil is one of the oldest and most popular hair oils in the world, which originated in India. This brand has been so successful over the years, that it alone is a good enough reason for you to throw away synthetic oils and replace them with coconut oil produced by Parachute.

It is widely regarded as the best coconut oil for hair in the world. Available in multiple sizes, Parachute Coconut Oil makes your hair smooth, works as a detangler, enhances the shine, improves the texture and reduces hair fall when applied on a regular basis.

28) Coconut Oil for Frying Food

coconut oil for frying

Let be honest, some of us simply can’t resist our fried foods. So what we might as well do is attempt to make them as healthy as possible, such as using coconut oil to fry the food. Even after 8 hours of frying at 365°F (180°C), its quality will not be any less effective.

The reason for this is because 90% of its fatty acids are saturated, which makes it resistant to the heat. As we have mentioned before, saturated fat is not unhealthy, like previously believed. It is important to note that certain brands can have different smells, so make sure you do your research.

29) Coconut Oil for Butter

Coconut oil is a great alternative to butter and this is simply because it is spreadable. In fact not only is it spreadable, but it also tastes delicious on foods like toast. You can even add it to baking recipes. This is also a great method to incorporate into baking, especially for people who do not digest dairy well, or for those who are vegans.

30) Remove a Stuck Ring from your Finger

There is nothing more annoying and slightly worrying than when a ring gets stuck on your finger. All you need to do is grab your tub of organic virgin coconut oil and rub some of it on your finger and around the ring. After a minute or so it should slide right off. Not only will you have got both your ring and finger back, but your finger will now be moisturised.

31) Coconut Oil For Fungal Nail Infection


Coconut Oil For Fungal Nail Infection

Coconut oil is definitely potentially effective for treating nail fungus and infections. Some have even named it as a miracle cure because of the antifungal acids it contains. Anyone is susceptible to the condition, however, some more so than others, particularly runners as more stress is often put on their toes.

Factors that contribute to the condition are sweating excessively, using communal showers and walking barefoot in public places etc. To try coconut oil for a fungal nail infection simply clean the infected area and simply massage the oil into the nail and surrounding area. Complete this process 2-3 times a day until the fungus diminishes.

32) Coconut Oil For Herpes And Cold Sores

Herpes breakouts are definitely unpleasant, to say the least. In fact, you have probably made some changes to your diet in order to manage and prevent them. Coconut oil may help you do that with its proven antibacterial and antiviral properties, along with assisting in its contagiousness. It has been known to speed up the healing period of an outbreak. Remember, though, it is always important to consult with your doctor before making any decisions on how you should treat herpes and cold sores.

33) Coconut Oil For Alzheimers Disease

A recent study carried out by the Univerisity of Oxford has shown that people with Alzheimers disease have demonstrated short-term improvement and benefits when consuming coconut oil. This stems from the theory that Ketones help improve brain function, and Ketones are produced when coconut oil is digested by the body.

34) Coconut Oil And Heart Burn

Heart burn is a burning sensation in the throat and lower chest. It occurs when acid splashes up and out of the stomach. Coconut oil has been known to reduce heart burn as the lauric acid within it, is a natural antiseptic that could kill the fungus and bacteria that may be causing the heart burn in the first place. It also coats the digestive tract and throat, which will reduce any irritation that may be caused by the acid. Overeating is also known to cause heartburn and if coconut oil is eaten before a meal it can make you feel fuller, and perhaps result in you eating less.

35) Coconut Oil For Wood Polishing


Coconut Oil For Wood Polishing

Looking to replenish the dry wood you have around your home without using a toxic wood polish that will release chemicals into your home? Well, coconut oil has been known to do a great job at this. During the process of doing so, you will also help prolong the life of the wood, as the coconut oil helps it not crack. The great thing is that the only two ingredients that you need to do this are lemon juice and coconut oil.

36) Clean Makeup Brushes With Coconut Oil

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep applying makeup both effectively and beautifully. You can do this by using liquified coconut oil. The oil itself will not only remove the grime and old makeup off your brushes but also nourish and protect them during the process. All you need to do is rinse the brushes with water afterwards.

37) Effective Treatment For Acne

A lot of people have been asking is coconut oil good for acne and unsurprisingly, yes it is. No one likes to walk around with pimples on their face and some people are indeed left feeling insecure about such issues and, therefore, are always searching for an effective treatment for their acne. The fact is that coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and this causes the oil to kill germs and bacteria on the face. Coconut oil is also a rich source of vitamin E which helps clear any blockage that the skin may have as well as assisting the functioning of the sebum glands.

38) Whiter Teeth

Using coconut oil for whiter teeth has definitely become a popular trend, and it seems to work. One method commonly used to achieve this is oil pulling. You have probably already heard of it and it involves swishing the oil around in your mouth, the same as how you would use mouth wash. The main difference being that this needs to be done for 10-20 minutes before spitting it out. The oil then gets the opportunity to kill the bacteria that is in the mouth. The taste is also quite pleasant.

39) Known To Lower Cholesterol

One of the most common questions asked is does coconut oil raise cholesterol levels or not. This is unsurprising, as we have been led to believe that cholesterol is raised by all types of saturated fat, especially that in foods. This is, however, untrue. In fact eating coconut oil will reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your cholesterol values. Studies have shown that the HDL (good cholesterol) always increases.

40) Homemade Soap


homemade coconut oil soap

Homemade coconut oil soap has been increasing in popularity and it can be made using the soap making process, which is when the oil is transformed into a hardened state. The fatty acid and minerals within the coconut oil are what causes the benefits when used on the skin. In fact, the oil has been known to remove dead skins and dirt from the skin. Below is a video that demonstrates how to make your own coconut oil.

41) Soothing Nipple Cream

Using coconut oil cream to soothe your sore, cracked or bleeding nipples while you are nursing your baby is ideal if you do not want to use medicated cream. One of the advantages of using coconut oil instead is that you will not suffer from any of the side effects that you would have initially if you got the cream from your doctor or nearby pharmacy. Coconut oil heals the nipples by moisturising the skin of the areola. It can also help prevent infection as a result of the oils antimicrobial properties. Pure coconut oil is also completely safe for the baby to consume and ingest.

42) Coconut Oil As Sunscreen

Using coconut oil as sunscreen during the summer and good weather is a great idea if you do not want to reach for the usual toxic sunscreens that you see being sold at your local shops and online. You may be concerned that the oil will not protect your skin well enough against the sun’s UV rays, but it has in fact been used for this purpose for thousands of years by indigenous, pacific islanders. Just make sure that you choose to use pure coconut oil and not a hydrolyzed oil. Using unprocessed coconut oil will also enable you to absorb vitamin D from the sun, as it does not completely block the suns UVB rays, unlike most other commercial and toxic sunscreens.

43) Using coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common issue among most parents of infants. These rashes can be quite stressing to the baby, appearing on the baby’s skin as scaly, sore and red patches. In order to prevent this as much as possible from occurring, parents need to change the diaper when it is wet and keep doing so after a few hours. However, there are many causes that result in a baby having a diaper rash, and sometimes healing methods must be sought out, instead of just prevention. The typical treatment for a babies diaper rash today is an ointment that contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, and a lot of babies skin is simply too sensitive for this chemical to be rubbed on. That’s why using coconut oil as diaper rash cream is a great alternative as it is 100% natural and safe for babies. Pure coconut oil can help your baby in a number ways, as the caprylic and lauric acids that it contains also helps fight off yeast infections and kills bacteria.

44) Help You Lose Abdominal Fat


coconut oil to lose weight

Using coconut oil to lose weight is a good idea, especially if you are looking to lose abdominal fat. It is known to reduce appetite and also give the metabolism a boost, which contributes to its fat losing capabilities. There are in fact studies to prove this. Coconut oil also consists of medium-chain fatty acids, which are known to lead to weight loss as they metabolize differently than longer chain fats. If you consume coconut oil along with a balanced diet you will definitely see results.

45) Coconut Oil For Inflammation

Too much of a good thing can cause problems and this certainly is the case when it comes to the body’s inflammatory responses. An inflammatory response helps eliminates bacterial invasions, remove damaged tissue and seal of any cuts, such as sealing of injuries. When this occurs too often or when it is not needed, it can set off autoimmune disorders, causing a person to be in quite a lot of pain. The good news is that coconut oil for inflammation is effective as a result of it containing lauric acid , which has anti-inflammatory properties. You may find that in the short term it is not as effective as prescribed antibiotics and medicines, but in the long term, you will most likely feel much better as coconut oil has no side effects.

46) Prevent Head Lice

The average person does not even like to think about head lice at all, nevermind actually having it. Head lice usually affects children but generally, anyone can get it as it is easily transferred from one person to another. Coconut oil and lice go very well together in regards to the treatment of the lice, as coconut oil is deadly towards the little pesky creatures. Coconut oils treat lice with its natural properties and its fatty nature also suffocates the lice. To use simply warm up the oil and do a hot oil treatment on the infected persons hair. If there is a severe outbreak, consider adding garlic, green tea and lemon.

47) Coconut Oil For Mouthwash

Instead of using regular toxic mouthwashes every morning after you brush your teeth, you could switch to a cheaper and healthier alternative – coconut oil. In fact, using coconut oil for mouthwash promotes fantastic oral hygiene, with the effect of its antifungal properties, as we have already mentioned throughout this article. Remember that, you do not have to “oil pull”, every day. A quick swish of this oil around your mouth will leave you feeling fresh as a daisy.

48) Make Toothpaste With Coconut Oil



Make Toothpaste With Coconut Oil

There are a number of reasons why you should make toothpaste with coconut oil and some of them may surprise you. One of them is that coconut oil has been proven in a study to strongly inhibit the growth of most strains of Streptococcus bacteria, which is an important player in tooth decay. Therefore, it is highly effective in reducing cavities and is also a new way to fight microbial infection without the need of having to use chemical additives. For instance, there is no Fluoride in coconut oil, which is an industrial waste product that is toxic and poison to the human body.

49) Coconut Oil For Arthritis

There are multiple benefits when using coconut oil for arthritis because it relaxes the muscles and joints, is anti-inflammatory and can relieve pain. In order to relieve pain, it is best to warm the oil first and then apply or massage it to the chosen area. When you do this it will soothe and increase blood flow to the area. This is important as arthritis encompasses over 120 conditions and diseases, so alternative treatments must be looked at to alleviate pain and discomfort, in order to live a better life.

50) Coconut Oil For Bad Breath

If you have been a long time sufferer of bad breath, then you should definitely give this tropical oil a try. As stated, there are numerous ways in which you can do this, picking the one that suits your lifestyle will be the best option for you as you will need to use coconut oil for bad breath on a consistent basis, in order to see the true effect and benefits that it can have. It is also important that you take the time to read exactly how it is benefiting your oral hygiene and overall breath. For example, we know that some plaque on the teeth is normal, but if there is too much then it can cause conditions such as halitosis (bad breath) and gum inflammation. The Lauric Acid that is in coconut oil is one of its fatty acids that has been proven to be antimicrobial, and can thus help kill the bacteria in your mouth, which could lead to a plaque build up.

51) Coconut Oil And Psoriasis

Psoriasis is commonly found within the same members of the family and is known to have a genetic predisposition, however, environmental issues and factors also contribute. The exact cause remains unknown. There are several different types of psoriasis and some are known to also affect the joints, causing them to be inflamed. People who suffer from psoriasis will ill often have it on their elbows and knees, but it can appear anywhere on te body. It can be painful and often commercial moisturizers do not work, and can leave a hole in your pocket. Luckily enough coconut oil contains antibacterial and anti-viral properties from its lauric acid, and can act as a natural treatment for psoriasis.

52) Coconut Oil For Constipation


coconut oil for Constipation

Constipation occurs when there is difficulty in emptying the bowels and can really be quite painful and/or uncomfortable. There can be a number of reasons why you are suffering from constipation. The main one being that you are most likely not consuming enough fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. You may also not be drinking enough water or exercising regularly – 3 to 5 times a week. You could purchase over the counter medication to gain temporary relief from constipation, but the issue will probably come back again, as you won’t be solving the problem at the root cause if you choose that method. Another more effective method that you can use is to consume pure coconut oil as it is not only fibrous but also contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which can stimulate bowel movements as they provide the intestinal wall with energy that boosts the metabolism.

53) Coconut Oil And Heart Disease

One of the most asked questions regarding coconut oil is – “will it raise my cholesterol?” This question is understandable, as in the past we have been led to believe that all saturated fat in foods raises the cholesterol in our bodies, and coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fat. However, this is simply untrue. Coconut oil actually improves cholesterol values, improves blood coagulation factors and, therefore, shows improvement on cardiovascular risk factors – which in return reduces the risk of heart disease.

54) Can Be Effective For Diabetes

When it comes to coconut oil, diabetes can be effectively treated by it. This is important and useful to anyone who currently has diabetes or whom may be prediabetic. In fact, you may feel that this section of the article is not relevant to your life, but the reality is that the number of people who have diabetes is doubling each year, so you or a loved one may be affected, especially if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Scary infirmation, I know, but with the amount of sugar the western world is consuming, it’s hardly shocking. Recently there has been quite a bit of information citing how coconut oil has helped people control their blood sugar levels when it comes to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong condition and it causes a person blood glucose level to become too high. Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas is either not producing enough insulin (which is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood) or the body’s cells simply aren’t reacting to the insulin. Typically 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil need to be consumed a day in order for it to take effect. In addition to it being able to act like glucose to feed your body on a cellular level, it also has the ability to help improve blood circulation, as a result of its unique structure.

55) Coconut Oil And Hormones

Hormone imbalance can be caused by polyunsaturated fats. Soy-based oils contain mainly these types of fats, which is why consuming too much of them should be avoided. They are prone to oxidation and are molecularly unstable. It is, therefore, no surprise that they can have a negative effect on the thyroid. Using coconut oil as an alternative to these oils will result in you increasing your intake of medium-chain fatty acids that have numerous benefits, including increasing your metabolism and converting cholesterol into pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is used to promote hormones and it naturally declines with age, which can result in joint pains and much more.

56) Coconut Oil And Cancer


Coconut Oil And Cancer

The main difference between coconut oil and the other oils we consume is that coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride fat, which is easier to metabolize than long-chain triglyceride fats, which is what the majority of the other oils are. Medium-chain triglycerides have been shown to inhibit the growth or formation of tumours, which leads us to believe that coconut oil can be used as a natural remedy to assist with cancer treatment and prevention.

57) Is Coconut Oil Good For Digestion?

Viruses, fungi and parasites can all cause indigestion and stomach pain. Since coconut oil has anti-viral and antimicrobial properties, it can not only help prevent but also treat these issues. The oil has also been known to improve irritable bowel syndrome, which is also a digestive disorder. A digestive disorder prevents people from properly digesting their food. This means that the essential vitamins and minerals that we need will not be absorbed from the nutritious foods we eat. Improve your digestive health by consuming two tablespoons of coconut oil a day.

58) Can Remove Stubborn Gum

If you ever have had a few strands of hair attached to a piece of gum, you know how annoying it can, and let’s be honest, for those of us that love our hair, quite scary, as we never want to get the scissors out to remove it. There is now an alternative, which is applying coconut oil directly to the gum, as much as you need. Let it sit for a quick second, and then slide the gum off your hair. Easy Peasy!

59) Homemade Coconut Oil Candle

Burning candles in the home, to a lot of people, is extremely relaxing and something they would never live without. However with more and more information coming to light about toxicity in the environment and its contribution to cancer, we cannot ignore that fragrances and other chemicals may be damaging our health. This includes those from scented candles, no matter how relaxing they are. A great alternative would be to make homemade coconut oil candles, which can be extremely affordable, they just need a little bit of your time. If you would also prefer naturally scented candles, simply add an essential oil to them.

60) Coconut Oil For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Coconut Oil For Pregnancy Stretch Marks


It is very important to ensure that your whole body is moisturized during pregnancy. Using coconut oil to do this is a method plenty of woman swear by, saying that it also helps reduce and prevent stretch marks, both before and after pregnancy. Stretch marks develop on the surface of the skin, and look like purplish or pink lines. However after they have been known to fade to gray or white, after the pregnancy has ended. They occur because the body is growing faster than what your skin is used to, or can keep up with. Not only will coconut oil deeply moisturize your skin, but its antioxidants will nourish damaged skin.

61) Using Coconut Oil As Deodorant

This works! Trust me, folks, as I use coconut oil every single day as a deodorant. I was hesitant to try it, as I didn’t believe it would work, so you can guess I was pleasantly surprised when it did. Especially since it is not only non-toxic but actually contains properties that are actually beneficial to my body in many ways. In fact using antiperspirant could be interfering with how your body naturally removes toxins from within it. This could lead to negative long-term health effects, such as Alzheimers disease and breast cancer. Try it for yourself. I highly doubt you will go back to using your commercial deodorant ever again, at least not for your regular day to day activities.

62) Coconut Oil As Lubricant

Note: Don’t use coconut oil with latex condoms as it can weaken and corrode them. If you’re looking for an organic ingredient that can improve your sex life with your partner, or solo, then coconut oil may be worth a try. It feels and taste great, and most importantly, is full of antifungal and antibacterial properties. These can keep the vagina healthy, such as preventing yeast infections.

63) Non-toxic Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Moisture escapes from the lip tissue because the skin tissues on the lips are so thin. If you aren’t consuming enough fluids, it is likely that your lips will be the first tissue of your body to react when you become slightly dehydrated. This is when chapped lips occur and licking the lips does nothing but make the matter worse. A lot of commercial lip blams really do nothing but sit on the lips. This is a good reason to create your own lip balm with coconut oil, especially since it contains medium chain fatty acid and lauric acid which means that your lips will then absorb the moisture better.

64) Coconut Oil For Face Wrinkles


coconut oil for face wrinkles

Wrinkles typically appear when we age. They are a beautiful thing and we should all cherish the fact we are growing older and get to experience so many things, that come with age. However with the current media that we have today, they like to demonize wrinkles and the alike. So unfortunately a lot of us are left feeling we need to make our wrinkles disappear, or at least, reduce them. Luckily enough coconut oil has been known to do this as a result of its many fantastic properties. Simply apply the oil to the wrinkled area daily.


Ways to Buy Coconut Oil

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As you can clearly see, pure coconut oil is packed with a ton of benefits for your health, hair and body. It is a great alternative to synthetic oils and is an inexpensive choice that will not break the bank. From now on, you may want to include a few pure coconut oil hair products in your grocery list.

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